Hytrel Tubing


Hytrel Tubing

Applications: Anesthesia & Respiratory Tubing
Diameters: 10mm / 15mm / 22mm
Lengths: 6″ to 120″
Cuffs: Integral or Injection Moulded

Hytrel Tubing with Integral Cuffs

10m , 15mm & 22mm Tubing

Hytrel tubing with (OM) Over-moulded Cuffs

10mm tubing with 10mm OM Cuffs
15mm tubing with 15mm OM Cuffs
19mm tubing with 22mm OM Cuffs

*Custom (non-standard) colours, lengths and profiles are available upon request.
Please visit our new product development page for more details, submit an RFQ sample request or contact us for more information.